Who Wouldn’t Want A Rat?

Rats are a rarely chosen but fantastically rewarding furry friend. They can be everything you want in a companion; cuddly and affectionate, playful and unique, independent and just plain easy to love! As a veterinarian, I’m actually surprised that more people don’t have more pets from the Muroidea family (which includes rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, and many more little mammals). […]

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Bringing a Pet to the Hospital for Surgery

What You and Your Pet Can Expect It is likely that every pet will need to be put under an anesthetic at some point during their lives. Whether it be for a routine procedure such as a spay or neuter or a more serious issue, surgery can be a source of anxiety for both the […]

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This is Bubbles, a beautiful 10 month old grey and white DSH. Mom though she was doing good. She knew her apartment complex had fleas, so she went out to Walmart and got a Hartz topical flea treatment labelled for cats. She placed the appropriate amount on her baby, following the instructions to the letter. […]

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Adventures of a Clinic Cat: Cool and Calm

Adventures of a Clinic Cat Entry 435 It’s that time again – Snack Dispenser made an appointment with Dr. K at the Veterinary clinic for my Annual Wellness visit. So now I’m hunched down inside my carrier in Dr. K’s front office waiting my turn. If I have to be here it’s at least good that I’m not sick or injured. […]

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Cat Fight!

Entry #312 I’m finally starting to feel like my old self again. Snack Dispenser has kept me a prisoner inside the house for about a week now, dutifully plying me with antibiotics and painkillers. Here’s what happened: My misfortune started last Tuesday, when a large grey cat, a stranger to the neighborhood, suddenly appeared in […]

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I have been bringing my Dachshund ``Gapi`` here since we got him ten years ago. Always friendly service and knowledgeable…

Michael Zerb

Great vet. Caring staff. They were willing to work within my budget.

Sarah Ouellette

Dr. Mann was excellent with my dog (and me). My little guy had an allergic reaction to his vaccines and…

Ashley Arsenault

We met Dr Mann when one of our family pets became disconcertingly ill. Dr Mann took the time to listen…

Tiffany J