7 Tips to Love Your Cat the Healthy Way

We can express our love for our four legged babies in many ways, but the trend among us pet owners seem to be with food and treats. The more snacks we give, the happier we feel they are. Unfortunately this act of love may not be the healthiest or safest thing for our pets! Keeping […]

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3 Painful Reasons to Trim Your Dogs Nails

For many people trimming their dog’s nails can be one of the more challenging aspects of dog ownership. If the dogs nails are a dark color it can be difficult to judge how short to cut the nail before hitting the “quick”; the blood vessel in every nail. Many dogs dislike having their feet touched […]

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Toxic Foods for Pets: Part One

Common household foods that should not be given to dogs and cats. Many pet owners are unaware of the potential serious threats to dogs or cats that are sitting in our cupboards. These regular and human-healthy foods can cause severe intestinal damage or obstruction, long-term sensitivities, metabolism disturbances, organ disease and even death to sensitive […]

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Pet Rabbits: Key Information

Easter is on it’s way in the maritimes, and with it comes fluffy bunnies like Peter Cottontail. We are always excited to see new bunnies and bunny owners, and would love to help you get your household fluffy-tailed ready for a new twitchy-nosed friend! Here are some of our tips and tricks: Bunnies develop quickly, and […]

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Litter Box Training for Felines

While most cats are very clean and will easily use the litter box, they may eliminate in undesirable locations for a number of different reasons. There are two types of elimination problems seen in cats, marking and housesoiling. A visit to your veterinarian can help rule out a medical cause and lead to an early […]

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