My Life as Lucas; The Tale of a Clinic Cat

Hey peeps! How are you all doing? If you don’t already know, I am the majestic lion who roams the halls of the meowly renovated Moncton Animal Hospital. After my new found fame, I wanted to begin a blog series to share my story as the Moncton Animal Hospital clinic cat.

I was once a CA-R-MA rescue kitty fighting for my life. For the first couple months, my siblings and I had a difficult time recovering and adjusting to our new life. We had to visit the doctor multiple times a week. But I had the best foster mommy and medical team who made sure I would reclaim a normal kittyhood.


After a few sleepovers and visits at the Moncton Animal Clinic, my new aunties at the clinic fell in love with my meow-nificient charm and handsome looks, and took me in as the “Clinic Cat In Training”. They gave me the name Lucas MAC (for Moncton Animal Clinic). But now that we are the Moncton Animal Hospital, we have a purrblem everyone. Will my name be Lucas MAC? Lucas MAH? Lucas MAC MAH? We should figure this ASAP!

My kitty years started pretty rough, but look at me meow, the clinic cat in command at the Moncton Animal Hospital. My staff makes sure my belly is full, we play fetch, and most importantly, I get to sleep for as long as I want, wherever I want. I am living the kitty dream!

You can find me on our Facebook page, The Moncton Animal Hospital, and all of the other social media outlets out there in this big world. Or if you simply wish to stop by, I am more than willing to offer a head boop and/or a little “LoveBite” as a welcome.

Stay Pawsome,

Lucas, Moncton Animal Hospital clinic cat.