Do You Care for a Beak? Beak Care in Birds

The beak is used for eating, preening (cleaning feathers), defence, and communication, among other things.

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Is Your Rabbit Spayed or Neutered?

Should I get my rabbit spayed or neutered? Often the answer to this question is yes!

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Obesity in Exotic Pets: Part 2

Just like cats and dogs, all exotic pets can become overweight.

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Had my first consultation with Dr. Mann for my chinese water dragon. She definitely knows how to deal with reptiles.…

Msdarkalina .

This is my Veterinary Animal Hospital of choice as they have expertise in the care of exotic pets. My sun…

John Dwyer

Wonderful vets and vet techs working here. They always cared for my cat as if she were their own. They…

Katie Girvan

Very nice employes that truly cares for your animals. They even call you the next day to see how your…

Isabelle Boulay

Good place for your animal if sick

Allan Hayes