Yes! By-Products are Nutritious!

One of the most common myths pet owners hear are that by-products are a low-quality ingredient and not safe for pets. Although these misconceptions are promoted by many, we are here to help you understand the importance of these ingredients. Here are facts and tips about by-products, and the reasons why by-products can be high-quality and helpful addition to your pet’s diet:

  • Before selecting a food, learn about the company and asking your veterinarian for their recommendations is highly recommended.
  • Confirm that you can trust the source of the product, and that the nutrition they provide is balanced and made from quality ingredients. This means that the food is safe, nutritionally balanced and consistent. “Holistic”, “Organic” and “Local” products are not guaranteed to be safe, balanced or in any way nutritious.
  • Fact: By-Products are defined as the ground, clean parts of the animal. Also known as secondary products.
    • This means that by-products can be very healthy, protein-rich and mineral-rich additives to a diet (example: If chickens are being raised for their feathers, the breast meat is now a by-product).
    • When high-quality by-products are properly processed, they provide an important balance of valuable nutrients for our pets.
    • By-Products have nutrients great for blood pressure regulation, kidney support, muscle growth and maintenance, heart function, skin and coat health and general optimal organ health.

Pet food labels may be scary to read, but understanding the ingredients and trusting the company to provide the highest quality product can ease your mind about what you are feeding your pet.

Your veterinarian has done the research and are proudly recommending trusted, high-quality sourced foods. There is a significant amount of time, study, research and quality control that has gone into making sure we carry only the best food for your pet.

Ask us about pet food, we can help!