Is Your Pet Safe Around Water?

Did you know that cats and water usually don’t mix?: Most cats dislike getting into water, but there are special cats that enjoy diving into lakes, and will even swim underwater for a fishy snack! Please be cautious with your cat if it is curious enough to approach a body of water (especially the bathtub!), […]

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Congratulations on Your New Ferret!

We are always excited to see new ferret owners, and would love to help you get your household ready for your new little friend. Here are a few key points that are extremely important for your squiggling buddy.

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Yes! By-Products are Nutritious!

One of the most common myths pet owners hear are that by-products are a low-quality ingredient and not safe for pets. Although these misconceptions are promoted by many, we are here to help you understand the importance of these ingredients. Here are facts and tips about by-products, and the reasons why by-products can be high-quality […]

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Is Your Pet Itching?

What You Need To Know About Fleas! Pets itch when they have fleas. Your pet will be especially miserable if they happen to be allergic to these tiny pests. So how do you know if your pet is itching from fleas or itching from another cause?

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Does Your Pet Know About “Stranger Danger”?

Talk to your pet about “Stranger Danger” to protect them from pesky bugs! Fleas, ticks and other creepy crawlers are strangers to your pet. They pose a great amount of danger to your pet’s well-being, and we need to STOP them. Here are some frequently asked questions about commonly seen parasites.

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Had my first consultation with Dr. Mann for my chinese water dragon. She definitely knows how to deal with reptiles.…

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Wonderful vets and vet techs working here. They always cared for my cat as if she were their own. They…

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Very nice employes that truly cares for your animals. They even call you the next day to see how your…

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Good place for your animal if sick

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