Subscription Boxes – The Perfect Gift for Any Animal Lover

Searching for that perfect seasonal gift for the animal-lover in your life? Looking for a gift for that dog who has everything? Or maybe you want to treat yourself! Consider monthly subscription boxes geared towards animals and the people who love them. Everyone loves getting something in the mail, your pet will too!

Subscription boxes are themed packages sent monthly to your door. It seems there are boxes geared towards any special interest or hobby from cooking to makeup to popular tv shows and movies. Pet owners are no exception. A quick google search brought up over twenty different options for pet-themed boxes, and not just for dogs and cats but also rats, rabbits, and birds! The boxes contain a variety of toys, treats, and apparel for pets and their owners, and every month is something new. Below are some of the top-rated boxes available for shipping in Canada.

BarkBox – Each month is a different theme consisting of toys, treats, and chews. One of the most popular subscription boxes.
PupJoy – A completely customizable box of toys and treats. Great for the dog who has dietary sensitivities or if you would prefer only toys you can do that too!
Bully Make – A box designed for dogs who love to chew, each box contains toys indestructible for power chewers. If a toy gets destroyed Bully Make will replace it with something tougher. No plushies in this box.

KitNipBox – A selection of high-quality toys and all-natural treats. If your cat doesn’t like the toys it will still probably like the box they came in.
MeowBox – Fun and stimulating toys and accessories for your favorite feline.
Cat Lady Box – A personal favorite, this box is full of cat-themed clothing, home accessories, and jewelry for the cat-lover as well as toys for the cat!

The Ratty Box – filled with treats, cage accessories, and other fun items your rat will love!
Happy Bunny Club – filled with all organic and vegan treats and environment enrichment tools to keep your bunny entertained. The box is shipped from the UK so will cost a bit more but reviewers say it is worth it!
Squawk Box – A variety of healthy and fun items that are tailored to the type of bird you have.

Written by Katie Hatcher, RVT