Tips to Reduce Pet Stress During the Holidays

The hustle and bustle of the holidays have begun. Here are a few dos to reduce stress this holiday season.

Stick to Your Routine
Try to stay with your normal routine as much as possible. With all of the changes in the environment and with new people around, your pet is already feeling a lot of stress. Therefore, changing his feeding and walk schedule might cause even more stress and anxiety.

Provide Stimulation
Your pets need both downtime and rest, but also mental stimulation. Providing puzzle toys, treats, new and engaging toys while you have company over or if they are home alone for a long period of time might help them feel at ease.

Create a Safe Zone
Have a place readily available for your pet to retreat to if they get overwhelmed. A crate or quiet room is the perfect place for them to feel safe and unwind. This is a perfect place to give puzzle toys and treats to make it a positive place.

Take 5 for Quality Time
Take the time to focus on your four-legged friend. Either it’s a nice walk around the block, high-energy playtime or a great cuddle session at night.

Skip the Festive Attire
If your pet doesn’t enjoy the reindeer antlers or the Santa outfit, we should just settle for the cute holiday background instead.

Monitor your dog’s diet
Keep an eye on the number of extra treats your pet might be having. Especially all those table scraps we all tend to sneak during Holiday meals.

Written by Monica Blanchard, RVT