When is it Too Cold?

Let’s face it. Most dogs LOVE the snow they love to plow through it, dive face first, to eat and roll in it and even go for a slide down the mountain of snow.  But every dog has their own tolerance to cold based on their breed, coat density and grooming, time spent outside, and possible health factors. Although dogs don’t know when to say enough is enough, pets owners need to know when they need bring their dogs indoors.

It’s too cold when:

  • Shivering is a sign they are cold and trying to generate more body heat.
  • Stops running around as much/holding paws up. Snow can pack between toes and paw pads causing pain.
  • Body language. Hunched, the tail is down or tucked and not as active are all signs he’s getting cold.
  • Pulling for home. On a walk with your dog, and he tries to head for home or started looking for shelter, that’s another clue it’s too cold.
  • Vocalization. They may start whining or barking.

Steps you can take:

  • Shovel a path. Makes for easier play and to take care of their business. Especially the short-legged friends.
  • Pet-friendly Ice Melts. Salt and regular ice melts can hurt their paws.
  • Booties. Little slip-on booties to protect their paws
  • Dry off. Between paw pads and toes, around the face and all of the snow and ice stuck to the belly fur.

Being an educated, responsible and alert dog owner and you and your puppy can both enjoy this winter season.

Written by Katie Hatcher, RVT