Best DIY Cat Safe Toys

Here are a few DIY cat-safe toys made with thing laying around your home.

Newspaper – Crumpled-up ball, long and thick strands torn from the sheet, or simply laying the paper on the floor can entertain some cats. Every couple of day, we can make new ones and recycle the old paper toys.
Cardboard Paper Rolls – Leave as is. Or we can cut them in different sizes. Create your own food puzzle by stuffing the varying sized rolls in an empty small box and scatter treat in and around the rolls. Once your cat has loved the roll just enough, recycle and replace with a new paper roll.
Feathers – Simply attach feathers just above your cat’s level so they can bat and jump.
Recycled bottle – Place holes around a recycled bottle just big enough for a kibble, this will create a great DIY interactive food dispensing toy.
Cardboard box – A simple box can make a great cat palace. If you are to cut a window or door, be sure to make it big enough so nobody gets stuck.
T-shirt – Cut up an old t-shirt (or material) into little strands and tie 5 pieces together to make a knot in the middle.
Container – Cut holes on the cover and place some noisy toys and/or treats in the container for paw fishing.


Yarn – Cats can swallow the long threads and cause an obstruction and an unwanted visit to the emergency room. The same problem can occur with ribbon, thread, hair ties, rubber bands
Bags and Boxes – Remove any handles on bags or punched in recycled boxes to prevent your cat from getting stuck, either their little paws or head.

cat playing with toy

Written by Monica Blanchard, RVT