Do You Have the Right Collar and Leash For Your Dog?

You can find all kinds of different collars and leashes to style your four-legged friends to their inner personalities. Although they are more important than just for fashion, they have an important role in their safety when out and about in your neighbourhood.

Types of collars (most common)

Flat Clip Collars

Clip collars are the most common among dogs for their convenient slip on and off with identification tag holder.

Loop chains

Loop chains (Choke Chains) should be for training purposes only. Provides a sharp jerk, strong enough to make a dog stop what it’s doing and give their attention to the handler. For dogs without training, always pulling on the leash, these collars are a health hazard! Please consult with a professional training before using such collar.


Martingale collars are like the clip collars but they tighten when the dog pulls. When used correctly, even at their tightest they cannot accidentally strangle themselves.

Pinch collar (Prong Collar)

Similar to the loop collar, pinch collars are used as a training correction tool, although requires less physical movement to achieve the correction. Please consult with a professional training before using such collar.


Harnesses are one of the most commons alternative to a collar for dogs and cats. There are several types of harnesses that veterinarians may recommend, especially for certain breeds prone or predisposed to problems with their anatomy of the respiratory tract.

Cat Collars and Harnesses

Safety collars are for those little adventurers who may become snagged on something when out for their walk. They are designed to break when enough pressure is applied.

Types of leashes (most common)

Retractable leashes

Your pet may have a little more room to stretch their legs, but their freedom can come with consequences. Owners may not be paying attention when their dog decides to runs across the street to chase a squirrel or say hello to another dog. These leashes need full attention to where your pet is or where they may go.

Loop Leashes

Loop leashes are for training purposes only for quick correction release. They are not ideal for dogs without proper training as constant pulling will prevent release and can cause damage to a dog’s windpipe.

Solid leashes

Solid leashes are the best for everyday use. They provide great safety and good control over your four-legged friend. Preventing them from running free range and into danger.

If you have any questions on the type of collar and leash is best for your dog, ask your local dog trainer and/or your veterinarian staff for guidance.