Holiday Travel Tips for Pet Owners

Holiday travel plans can be challenging to organize, but especially when your plans involve taking your pets along or leaving them behind.

Although we all wish to spend the holidays with our furiends, we need to take a step back and consider every stress factor that your pet may experience during such travel. Would it be too stressful for your pet? Would they be better off staying home?

If you have decided to bring them along, here are a few tips to ease everyone’s experience.

Don’t forget

  • Pet I.D. and vaccine records
  • Pet bed and favorite blanket
  • Leashes and collar
  • Regular kibbles and extra water
  • Favorite toys and bones
  • Treats
  • Pet travel first aid kit
  • Medications when applicable

On the Road
For cats and dogs, the safest car transportation method is a crate. Creating a positive environment around the car and crate will allow your pet to have a more calm and pleasant experience.

In the Air
Proper I.D. tag and paperwork is necessary for air travel. We recommend consulting with your airline and the visiting nation’s embassy for the necessary paperwork and what are their customs policies. When booking your trip, do your research on pet-friendly flights. They accommodate pet owners and create a more positive experience for you and your pet.

Pet-friendly Destination
Either a hotel or at a campground, pet-friendly accommodations and knowing their ground rules is important to plan ahead. A pet sitter might be needed during your vacation if your travel plans require some time away from your pet.

Better be Safe than Sorry
We recommended having their vaccines, deworming and exam up to date prior to traveling with your pet. Talk with your veterinarian if your destinations might bring some concerns that we might not frequently encounter in your area.

Do your Research
It’s important to find a veterinarian available at your destination in case of an emergency.

Written by Monica Blanchard, RVT