The Indoor Cat Got Outside!

The curious cat just wanted to play with the neighbourhood kitty friends or simply wanted to explore the streets. An indoor cat was never taught the ins and outs of how to survive without the comfort and luxury of their home.

What do you do when you discover that your cat is lost or wandered away from home? Here are a few tips for a quick and safe return of your kitty fur-friend.

Act Quickly.

The sooner we start the search, the closer to home they are. Leave a smelly can of cat food at the door and head outside with a bag of treats. Quietly and calmly, shake the bag of treats and be patient. With all new smells and sounds, your indoor cat is most likely scared and will hide in close proximity of your home. Be patient, and try again after midnight, as many cats are likely to come out under cover of darkness.

Spread the Word.

Start with your neighbourhood. Post flyers to telephone poles, at local grocery stores, post office, small businesses and restaurants. Ask your neighbours and the mailman if they recently have seen your cat roaming the streets.

Call your veterinarian and local animal shelters in your area and let them know your cat has gone missing. Hop onto social media and post on every Lost and Found page from your area. You can even contact your city’s newspaper to place an ad about your little missing fur-friend.

Prevention is Key.

Make sure every one of your furry friends is a microchip and wears up-to-date ID tags. Double check all doors and windows are firmly shut at all times.

Written by Monica Blanchard, RVT