Pet Anxiety at the Vet

Does your pet suffer from anxiety at the vet? Save your pet from a traumatic experience, and let’s make it pawsitive!

It’s common to wonder what will happen during your first visit to the veterinarian with your new little bundle of joy. Although, this event is even scarier for your puppy or kitten, and it could be traumatic if not well prepared.

Recognizing the visible physical signs of fear and anxiety is the first step in helping your pet enjoy the experience.

  • Excessing drooling and licking of lips
  • Abnormal frequent yawning
  • Panting
  • Frequent sniffing
  • Trembling and/or fidgeting
  • Tail between the legs
  • Head looking away or looking down
  • Excessive shedding

Visiting your veterinarian on a regular basis is extremely important for your pet. Having their yearly exam and vaccines is critical for their general health and to those around them. It is very important to prepare your pet, and yourself, before the actual day of the big trip to the clinic.

You will be greeted by our smiling receptionist, whom will proceed to check you in. They will ask you a few questions about your new little furry friend and if you have any concern about your visit that day. They are there to make your experience in our office as positive as possible.

Directing you to the quietest and comfortable location, our waiting room or one of our exam rooms will be your next destination to settle until the doctor is ready to see you for your appointment.

During your appointment, the doctor will talk to you about many things, from how’s it going at home to their recommended diets, exercise regiment, vaccine schedule, the importance of pet insurance and much more.

We know it is a lot of information to withhold during such an exciting appointment, but we’ve got you covered. We have “New pet booklets” providing you with all of the essential information you will need to have a healthy start.

After your consultation with the doctor, they will go ahead and write little notes in your pet’s file. At this time, it is your chance to browse our newly renovated pet boutique. We have all the essential foods, toys, leashes and collars, treats and more.

If you have any questions about your first appointment with us, feel free to call us at 857-4271 or email us at . We are more than happy to guide you through your pets first experience at the vet.

Written by Chantal LeBouthillier, Monica Blanchard, RVT