The Season of Fireworks and Thunderstorms

Is your pet scare of loud noises, such as fireworks and thunderstorms? Here are a few tips and tricks to prevent or control their anxiety.

Quick tips

  1. Do not punish your pet for being anxious during times of stress.
  2. If it helps, attempt to engage, distract and reassure your pet that everything is OK.
  3. Provide access to a safe area where your pet may feel more at ease:
  • Keep your pet indoors during fireworks and thunderstorms.
  • Place in a quiet room with little to no windows, or they can simply be covered.
  • Create a bed and/or crate with plenty of blankets and your clothing items for scent.
  1. If you are expecting fireworks or a thunderstorm in the forecast, take your dog for a long walk before to tire it out.
  2. Offer plenty of food and water. Toys such as Kongs, bones, treatballs and other long-lasting toys and treats are a great way to keep their mind busy.
  3. Moderately loud music or a TV to muffle the loud noises from outside.
  4. Ensure that all doors, fences and any other enclosure are secure and that your pet cannot readily escape through or over them.
  5. Proper identification on your pet (Microchip or ID tag).
  6. If your pet is extremely fearful of a thunderstorm, consult your veterinarian for any prescription option that might help your pet through times of stress.

Anxiety in Pets

If your pet becomes exceptionally anxious around loud noises, it is recommended to contact your veterinarian or a trainer/ behaviourist for a consultation on how to properly treat and manage their anxiety.

Written by Moncton Animal Hospital