What Does It Mean to Be a Responsible Pet Owner?

Before getting a pet, it’s very important to do your research.


  • The type of pet, and what they are required for a happy and healthy long life.
  • Understand the investment of time and money that comes with a pet.
  • The appropriate preventive health care and budget for potential emergencies.
  • Research your city’s pet rules. ID, license tag, leash requirements and noise control.
  • Talk to your veterinarian about spay /neuter your pet.
  • Prepare for an emergency or disaster and/or arrangement for alternative care.

Once you bring the new pet home, here are a few things to provide to be a responsible pet owner


Provide the necessary preventive health care, as well as emergency care if needed. They key to a healthy pet is a healthy diet. Talk with your veterinarian about your pet’s recommended diet.


Appropriate exercise is extremely important for your pet physical and mental health, your bond with your little one, but most importantly, their happiness.


Frequent grooming for health and comfort for most pets is essential. This includes brushing their fur and teeth, clipping their nails, baths, and so much more.

Most importantly…


Pets need our love, our unconditional love. Having that love and bond is terribly important for any animals mental health.