Should You Question Grain Free Pet Food Diets

There has been a lot of media attention regarding the recent FDA report that suggests a link between grain-free diets and the development of heart disease in dogs. 

In July 2018, the FDA began investigating reports of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs. DCM is a disease in which the heart muscle becomes weak and is unable to pump their blood. There are multiple possible causes of DCM, including genetic and nutritional factors.

The FDA investigated the formulation of all foods reported to be linked with cases of DCM. They found the following: 

  • Over 90% of products were grain-free, 
  • 93% of products had peas and/or lentils, 
  • No one source of animal protein was predominant. 

Currently, research is ongoing to determine the exact cause of DCM in animals that have been eating these diets

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the food you are feeding your pet, we recommend a conversation with your veterinarian. Our veterinarians are here to help guide you on the nutritional options available and recommend those best suited for your pet.

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Written by: Dr.Nicole Mann, DVM