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One of the leading diseases in dogs today is obesity. Dogs become more sedentary, and foods are getting more tasty, carbohydrate heavy, and are filled with calories. Overweight and obese dogs are in a much higher risk category for diabetes, kidney disease, pancreatic disease, arthritis, and many other serious health conditions.

When is a dog considered to be overweight?

A dog is overweight when they have more than 10% body fat. Our staff are trained to evaluate body fat and provide you with the skills to help keep your puppy in a lean, healthy condition!

Are some breeds prone to obesity?

There are multiple breeds that are prone to weight gain; some due to genetic health conditions and others due to appetite. Labradors, retrievers, beagles, and Shih Tzus are our most common nutrition consultation breeds.

Why should you have weight loss & management consultation at a clinic?

Obesity is a serious disease and can cause serious health concerns and complications. Discussing treatment strategies with us and evaluating the impact of their obesity on their long-term health is important. We want to make sure that their weight and physical condition is at a healthy level from the start to finish of their weight loss plan.

Dr. Mann was excellent with my dog (and me). My little guy had an allergic reaction to his vaccines and…

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Tiffany J

I just left with my boy and dr mann was amazing shes very caring and is confident in her diagnosis…

Kyle Synette

Always take good care of our pets. Great friendly staff.

Marc Grondin

Compassion & respect!!! These two words describe the care given by the staff at the Moncton Animal Hospital. The care,…

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