Is Your Kitty Cat Happy?

9 Ways to Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy.

We all want our kitties to stay healthy and happy forever and ever. Here are some things you can do to enhance your cat’s environment and health.

  1. Some toys are transient, some are great forever. Rotate through toys weekly to see which ones keep their interest over time.
  2. A little music or television on can help keep them company when alone. Some cats can even tell you what shows they prefer!
  3. Cat’s love different textures. Providing this on an appropriate surface like a multi-textured scratching post that has carpet, twine, and other fabrics is a must-have. Bonus: Pick the right combo and they will prefer it over your furniture!
  4. Window access to watch birds, chipmunks, and other outdoor activities can provide entertainment for hours.
  5. Everyone likes a little alone-time. Providing them with sanctuary from daily stress away from other household pets or children can comfort and soothe your kitty.
  6. Cats like routine! Creating a regular daily grooming and/or play session time gives kitties something to look forward too. And they can tell time: they won’t let you forget!
  7. More than one cat? To decrease stress and anxiety, provide each cat with their own food bowl, water, litter box, and sleeping areas. Food, water, litter and rest areas should not be the same location: place them around the house and separately to prevent resource guarding and fighting.
  8. Giving extra love with treats? Encouraging play time and controlling the amount of food eaten will help keep your cat healthy and happy. By nature, kitties are solitary hunters in the outdoors and eat small amounts frequently. A cat stimulated by its environment will be less likely to overeat and develop obesity, anxiety disorders or house soiling. Substitute the extra food with extra play to minimize “boredom” snacking. Balls with bells,  Furry Mice, and Catnip toys are excellent distractor options!
  9. So your cat wants to be an indoor/outdoor kitty? We recommend keeping your cat in a specially designed cat-friendly area or “Catio”. If this is not possible, bringing your cat out for supervised, leashed play sessions in appropriate weather are recommended. Be aware of the common hazards encountered by outdoor cat: vehicle trauma, infectious disease or toxins, aggression from other animals.