Is Your Dog Safe at the Dog Park?

8 Helpful Tips

There are all kind of dangers and health risk found at the dog park. Here are 8 tips dog owners can follow to help make the bark park a safer place!

  1. Pick up after your dog! Dog poop can spread bacteria, parasites, and disease to other dogs by sniffing or ingesting the sample or the contaminated area surrounding it.
  2. Offleash dogs and kids do not mix! Keep children away from any off-leash dog parks, as the chances of an accident are extremely high.
  3. Not all dog parks are safe: Keep a close eye on your dog, knowing where he is and what he’s doing at all times. Pay attention to his behavior/mood changes. There can be dangerous areas or loose sections of fences that can pose a threat to your puppy.
  4. Bring water and bowl for hydration. Active dogs can easily overheat. Try to prevent communal water bowls or drinking from puddles, as these can harbor disease.
  5. Food, treats, and toys should be left at home as they can encourage dog fights.
  6. Have realistic expectations of your dog. If your dog is anxious or a bit of a bully, the dog park can make these traits worse. The point of a dog park is to have fun! If your dog is terrified in the corner, it is no fun for anyone.
  7. Don’t forget, people are in dog parks too. While you may be a responsible pet owner, others may not be.
  8. Dogs play differently. Vocal, “pawsy” or rough play, and chasing behavior can be good or bad depending on the dog’s body language. You need to know if your dog is in trouble or just making a new friend!

Make sure your dog is healthy, vaccinated, and spayed or neuter to prevent accidents and illnesses.

Follow these tips so that you and your puppy can have a pawsitive and fun experience at the bark park, and make plenty of new furry friends!

Written by Moncton Animal Hospital