Holiday Safety Tips for Your Pet

The holiday season is upon us and it is important to stick to your pet’s normal routine as closely as possible to decrease any stress that may come with the festivities. We also need to keep our pets away from unhealthy treats, toxic plants, and dangerous decorations. Here are just a few, but most important, things to keep in mind this holiday season.

Candy and baked goods
We all love the chocolatey and sweetened goodies we indulge with during the holiday season. Although they are very toxic for our four-legged furriends.

Keep the adult holiday beverages away from your pets. If ingested, your pet will become weak, ill and possibly life-threatening.

Treated tree water
Tree water may contain fertilizers that can cause stomach upset. This water is good breeding ground for bacteria that can also cause nausea and diarrhea in your pet.

There is nothing like a good sparkly, light-catching, round, ‘toy’ like ornaments that all animals, but especially cats, wouldn’t enjoy to play or nibble for their entertainment. But a nibble can lead to a swallow, which can lead to gastrointestinal upset, dehydration, obstruction and possibly surgery.

Fatty foods
Fatty and spicy foods, as well as bones, should not be fed to your furry furriends. Not only will it make your pet very sick, but will lead to costly medical bills.

Plant decorations
Holly, mistletoe, and lilies are beautiful to have around your home during the holidays but will lead to serious gastrointestinal upset for your pet if ingested. Organ failure and other health problems can arise if certain plants are ingested.

For fire safety, never leave lighted candles unattended. Be sure to use appropriate candle holders to prevent burns to themselves or cause a fire if they knock it over.


Written by Monica Blanchard, RVT