The Horrors of Halloween Night!

How to prevent the most common dangerous situations faced by pets on Halloween.

Halloween is a fun and scary season for all ages. But for pets? It can be a nightmare. Here are 6 tips to prevent the stress and dangers of the Halloween Horrors.

1.Trick-or-treat goodies are not for your pets.

Most candies contain toxic ingredients for our pets, including the artificial sweetener xylitol and all forms of chocolate. Ingestion of such toxins may result in hospitalization and/or death. For a full list and details on the most common toxins related to Halloween, please visit our blog Hallowe’en Horrors!

2.Keep pets indoors on Halloween night.

Unfortunately, Halloween brings out those vicious pranksters, whom may target neighbourhood pets. For the safety of everyone, simply keep your pets indoors.

3.Stay away from doors.

Keeping your pets in a secure room away from the front door will prevent your little one from escaping, barking and growling towards innocent trick-or-treaters, and simply the stress and anxiety of having strangers come to their home in unusual costumes.

4.Keep out of reach.

We all love to decorate for the season, although there are some things that can cause serious injuries to your pet. Corn, Pumpkins and even decorations (wires/batteries, toy lookalikes) can easily be ingested, leading to gastrointestinal damage.

***For fire safety, don’t forget to blow out pumpkin candles when pets are around.

5.Don’t dress to impress.

We think it’s cute and funny to dress up our furry friends for Halloween, but let’s make sure it’s not uncomfortable and/or unsafe for them. Avoid any costume that constrict movement, hearing, and the ability to breathe, bark or meow. Toxic chemicals are often used during production of these outfits, and can be dangerous if ingested.

6.IDs, please!

In the worst-case scenario, having proper identification, such as microchip, rabies number, or a simple tag with name and your basic information, will help you be reunited with your little one should he escape your home.