Why Choose Pet Health Insurance?

As pet owners, we do everything we can to provide our loved ones with all of the things they need to live long and happy lives. Unfortunately, no matter how much we love our pets, accidents and illnesses are often beyond our control. Unexpected health care costs can become very expensive for pet owners. Pet Insurance provides us with the peace of mind that comes with knowing we can afford to provide our pets with the best veterinary care at all times.

The Benefits of Pet Insurance:

Prepare and Plan for the Unexpected – More than one-third of pets will need emergency veterinary treatment every year. Two-thirds of all pets will experience a significant health problem during their lifetime. You can’t always keep your pet from getting sick or injured, but you can be prepared for emergency veterinary costs.

Removes Financial Concerns at Crucial Times – Pet Health Insurance helps you to budget for unforeseen vet bills. so, when the unexpected happens, you are free to make the health care decisions that are right for you and your pet, rather than basing them on what you can (or can’t) afford.

Access the Best Care for Your Pet – Pet Insurance makes the highest standard of veterinary care available to you and your pet, without the financial concern of the cost of treatment. Some insurance providers make available Wellness plans which include not only illness and injury coverage but also cover routine health checkups, spay/neuter surgeries, and other preventive medicine.

Responsible Pet Parenting – Every day we provide our pets with everything they need to live a happy and healthy life. Often this means focusing on our pets immediate needs and failing to prepare ourselves for future medical needs. Investing in pet health insurance helps us to control and plan for the costs associated with keeping a pet healthy.

It’s Affordable – There are multiple pet insurance companies available with unique offerings in terms of the benefits and coverage they provide. Guaranteed, there is a plan out there that will fit your pet’s lifestyle and your financial situation. Some insurance companies also provide free trial insurance so you can take your time in deciding what plan is best for you and your finances. Ask the staff at your veterinarian’s office for their recommendations.

Pet Insurance is the one thing you can not buy when you need it the most. Enroll your pet today to ensure they have many healthy tomorrows!

Written by Moncton Animal Hospital