7 Tips to Have a Stress-Free Appointment at the Vet

The first step to a stress-free appointment is owner education. Educating yourself on what will happen and easing your mind from any anxiety will allow your pet to have a positive first experience at the veterinarian’s office.
We have a wonderful blog that walks you through your experience during a visit; Does your pet suffer from anxiety at the vet Save your pet from a traumatic experience, and let’s make it a positive!

Here are 7 tips to having a stress-free and positive experience during your appointment at the vet.

Busy office = anxiousness
Ask the receptionist to schedule an appointment when there are fewer clients and pets in the office. Being among other patients may agitate and irritate your pet even more.

Are you anxious?
Remember that your pet can also sense your fear and anxiety as well as from other pets. It’s normal for any owner to feel excited or anxious about the first vet visit, but try to be as happy and calm during this event.

Familiarize your pet
Allow your pet to familiarize themselves with most of the process of the trip to the doctor. A new carrier, leash, collar, or harness, even the car ride to the office is something to take before the big day.

Bring your pet’s favourites
Either treats or toys, bring a little something from home to make them feel more secure and comfortable.

Drop by to visit
Especially with a dog, they become less anxious about people and places when exposed. Why not drop by for visits a couple of days before your appointment to create a positive experience from the vet office.

Play veterinarian at home
Getting your dog use to touching of the face, ears, paws, and belly will reduce the anxiety associated with the physical exam the doctor will do the day of the visit.

Calming products
If you notice any signs of anxiety in your pet, contact your veterinarian staff for suggestions on calming products

Written by: Monica Blanchard, RVT