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Senior Dog Care

As dogs age, their bodies begin to show very subtle signs of wear and tear. To help them stay healthy in the long term, we are lucky to have diet, supplement, treatment and training options to help senior pets age gracefully and stay happy in their latter years.


Overweight Dog Help

One of the leading diseases in dogs today is obesity. Dogs become more sedentary, and foods are getting more tasty, carbohydrate heavy, and are filled with calories. Overweight and obese dogs are in a much higher risk category for diabetes, kidney disease, pancreatic disease, arthritis, and many other serious health…

Dog Euthanasia

Dog euthanasia is a service provided by veterinarians, where we can intervene in a humane way to end the life of an animal who is terminally ill, in suffering, or who has a poor quality of life. This is one situation where a relationship with a veterinarian is very helpful,…