5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Active This Spring

The warm weather is upon us, and it’s time to get out there and get active! We’ve been cooped up inside all winter long, and we’re excited to have fun. Don’t forget — it is important to have a slow introduction to outdoor fun for our furry furiends.

  1. Walks
    Each day, go further and further on your walk to build endurance. Winter was long, and your pet might be a little out of shape.
  2. Agility
    Spring is a great time to introduce agility gradually. Slow introduction to warm up those joints and muscles to prevent sprains or any injuries.
  3. Indoor activities
    We can still have those pesky spring snow or rain storms, meaning we still need to keep active indoors. Playing fetch or creating a scavenger hunt with treats can be great ideas to keep your furiends moving inside.
  4. Day trips
    It’s important for your pet to be gradually reintroduced to long car rides to minimize stress. Hiking, camping and even swimming are other things your pets need also to adjust to.
  5. Disease prevention
    With more activities outside, means more exposure to possible diseases. Your dog will be more at risk for parasites. Such as Lyme disease and lepto. These diseases can be transmitted from dog to dog contact.

Written by: Monica Blanchard, RVT