Do You Need Pet Insurance?

We all treat our pets like they are part of the family. So why not make sure you can provide them with the most reliable health care and coverage we know. It’s time to start thinking about the new trend among pet owners, Pet Insurance.


Choose Your Vet

  • Almost all pet insurance companies accept claims from any licensed veterinarian.

You Are Prepared for Unexpected Veterinary Bills

  • Nobody wants emergencies, accidents, or serious illness for their pet, but they happen. Depending on your plan, they are mostly all covered by your insurance.

30-Day Free Insurance Trial

  • Ask your veterinarian staff which company they have partnered with to offer you a 30 days free pet insurance trial. Your pet might meet all the requirements to take advantage of this important offer.

A Plan Specifically for Your Pet

  • Different companies offer different plans. You get to pick the plan that suits best the needs of you and your pet. Always think of the future when it comes to their health care.


Upfront Cost

  • Pet insurance makes you pay the bill and then you send the receipt in for reimbursement. So, even with an insurance plan you still need the money upfront.

Preexisting Conditions

  • Any preexisting conditions before the purchase of a plan, will not be covered by your insurance company.

Routine Care

  • Most pet insurance plan does not cover routine care. Look carefully, only premium plans will cover things like annual vaccines, parasite prevention and/or special food.

Maximum Benefits

  • Unfortunately, yearly maximum benefits are a real thing. If your pet is accident-prone or has serious illnesses, you might find yourself footing part of the bill.

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Written by Monica Blanchard, RVT