Fleas During Winter

Winter is almost here and here are a few tips on how to Prevent Flea Infestations Properly.

Myth: We should only treat for fleas during warmer months!
Truth: Here are three reasons why fleas can be a problem during the winter, and what you need to do to prevent an infestation.

1. They Will Live Comfortably in Your Home

If your pet or your house has fleas in the summer and those hardy little guys were not properly eradicated, you’re going to have fleas during the winter months as well. Fleas love to lay their eggs and nest in those cozy warm blankets and beds during all seasons.

99% of all treatments available will kills the fleas on your pets but will have no effect on the immature fleas that continue to develop inside your home. Therefore, we need to treat your pets for at least 3 months to make sure those immature fleas mature and get a dose of treatment to remove them all from your house.

2. Surrounding Wildlife/Strays

If your pet goes outdoors and may have come in contact with squirrels, birds, or other wildlife, they can still get fleas year-round. Stray pets, foster pets, friends with pets and volunteering at shelters and rescues can also bring fleas into the home.

3. Multi-Pet Buildings

If you are in a large multi-pet building such as an apartment building, there is a greater chance your pet will get fleas from others in the building that have allowed infestations to persist.

So, how do I properly treat my pet AND my home?

• Ask your veterinarian what flea treatment they recommend for your pet and your lifestyle.
• Monthly treatment is recommended to keep fleas away year-round.

If fleas become a problem in your home

• Clean all blankets and toys your pet had access too. Regular washing is sufficient.
• Vacuum all furniture and carpets. The vibration helps the fleas mature (don’t forget to clean the inside of the vacuum!!!)
• Make sure your treated pets get access to the whole house so that their medication can work eradicating all the fleas.

Written by Moncton Animal Hospital