When Is It Considered Flea and Tick Season?

Unfortunately, every season is considered flea and tick season. Because of global warming, temperatures have been all over the place. Any warm days, fleas and ticks will thrive.

Fleas can be seen all year round. Here are a few facts on how fleas can stick around.

  • If your pet or house had fleas in the summer, and they were not properly treated, you’re going to have fleas during the winter months as well.
  • If your pet goes outdoors and comes in contact with squirrels, birds, or other wildlife, they can still get fleas year-round.
  • If you live in a building with multiple pets, such as an apartment complex, there is a greater chance your pet will get fleas.

If fleas become a problem in your home:

  • Clean all blankets and toys.
  • Vacuum all furniture and carpets. The vibration helps the fleas mature (don’t forget to clean the inside of the vacuum).
  • Make sure your treated pets get access to the whole house so the medication can work on eradicating all the fleas.

We typically say that five days of warmth means the start of parasite season, and five days of frost means the season is done. Although with temperature changes in the last years, the moment we have a warm day, the snow will melt and the ticks are ready and hungry. Tips for ticks on dogs:

  • Use tick preventative medication year-round.
  • Know your area and where ticks may lurk.
  • Check your dog when coming in from outside.

If you have any concerns about fleas or ticks, give your veterinary staff a call for more tips and tricks.

Written by: Monica Blanchard, RVT