Caring for Your Dog’s Paws

Our harsh Canadian seasons can be hard for our dogs and their paws. It’s important to protect, prevent and treat any possible irritation caused by winter weather. Here are a few tips and tricks for every perfect paw print.

Rinse those paws – After every walk, rinse and dry every paw, and remove any de-ice, fertilizer or any other chemicals from your dog’s paw pads. It’s also a great time to inspect for any cracks and irritation.

Never use moisturizer made for humans. They soften the paw pads and leaves them vulnerable to injuries.

Cut back on bubble time – Bathing your pet too often can cause dry skin and removes its own essential oils. Ask your veterinarian for a recommended moisturizing shampoo.

Paw protectorsDog booties can help minimize contact with harmful chemicals used to de-ice your walkway during the winter or other chemical fertilizer that homeowners may use on their grass.

Paw balms – Use paw balms to create a protective layer on your dog’s paw pads and apply when their paws are fleshy.

Inspect – Always feel and look at the paw pads and check between toes and pads for any irritation, laceration or anything that may be stuck between or within the skin.

If you notice anything that may be concerning, please contact your veterinarian to book an appointment.

Written by: Monica Blanchard, RVT