An Unlucky Cat Named Lucky

Welcome to the escapades of a very unlucky cat named Lucky and his owner Sandra, aka “Snack Dispenser”. Follow his story about his trips to the Veterinarian, interactions with his other fur family members, and budding friendship (or is it?) with Boris the Stray.

October 16, 2014

Entry 157

My eyes have been real itchy for the last 2 days. I seem to be squinting a lot and rubbing at them with my front paws; doesn’t seem to be helping much though. This morning they are feeling kind of sticky and there is some stuff in them that’s making it hard for me to see. I saw Snack Dispenser staring hard at my face when she picked me up earlier, and now she is on the phone talking to Joanne at the vet hospital. Soon the old familiar cat carrier will appear and off we will go. Strangely the carrier doesn’t seem to bother me as much as it used to.

October 17, 2014

Entry 158

Now I’m on a blanket in the exam room generally feeling pretty good; I’m a little amazed at how well I’m controlling my stress level. Dr. K has started the visit inquiring about my general health and activities. She seems satisfied with Snack Dispenser’s answers and, after a general checkup, is getting down to the subject of my eyes. My lids are getting moved all around and there is a small bright light going back and forth in front of me. Dr. K is asking Snack Dispenser if I’ve met up with any other cats lately. Snack Dispenser doesn’t think so but she hasn’t seen the new stray our neighbors have adopted. I’ve had a few friendly tussles with Boris a few times now in our backyard. He seems harmless to me and why shouldn’t I have a little privacy in my social life?

Dr. K is swabbing some of the gunk out of my eyes and telling Snack Dispenser that she has to do a few lab tests to find a cause for my problem. Now she’s putting in some green staining drops that feel funny but don’t hurt. Dr. K seems happy that everything inside my eyes is healthy and that there are no scratches or scrapes (“corneal ulcerations” I think she called them) on the surface of my eyeballs. It appears I have something called “Conjunctivitis”. Dr. K explains that this means that the inner linings of my eyelids are red, swollen and infected. She is sending home some antibiotic drops that Snack Dispenser is supposed to put in my eyes a bunch of times each day. Dr. K is going to call her at home to discuss lab tests and my progress. I might need some additional medications.

October 29th 2014

Entry 163

It’s been almost two weeks now and I pretty much have my old eyes back again. They are more comfortable, less runny and I can see pretty clearly. At first when I saw Snack Dispenser coming with the eye drops I ran to hide in the closet or under the coach. But soon I resigned myself to this new ritual and grudgingly submitted to this new ritual.

I’m resting on the back of my favorite chair looking out into the back yard. There’s Boris sitting by the fence. Wonder what he’s up to? Uh oh… is he rubbing at his eyes?

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