Senior Dog Care

As dogs age, their bodies begin to show very subtle signs of wear and tear. To help them stay healthy in the long term, we are lucky to have diet, supplement, treatment and training options to help senior pets age gracefully and stay happy in their latter years.

When does a dog become a senior?

The senior designation varies greatly from breed to breed. On average, a dog enters their senior age at 6-10 years old, depending on the breed.

What are common senior dog health issues?

Common senior health issues are arthritis, kidney disease, liver disease, dental disease, weight fluctuations (obesity or loss), and much more.

How should I care for my senior dog?

Optimally, senior pets would have a full physical exam every 6 months to monitor their health and well-being. Annual blood tests will help monitor their internal organ function, and candid discussions about quality of life and subtle behaviour changes can quickly identify any illnesses as they develop.

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