Breeding Services for Dogs

If you plan on breeding your dog, it is essential to have a close relationship with your veterinarian. Your veterinarian can help with prenatal care, as well as teach you how to recognize any signs of difficulty during birth. You should be aware of all the risks to your dog and the potential puppies before you start breeding.

Are you authorized for semen collection, evaluation, freezing and storage?

No, we are not. There are special facilities that are authorized to perform these services that we can put you in touch with.

What are the breeding services the clinic provides? (e.g. reproduction planning, vaginal cytology, semen collection and freezing, caesarian section.)

Our clinic offers help with pregnancy planning and consultations, as well as radiographs for the purpose of determining the size of the puppy litter in the last trimester. If needed, our veterinarians can perform planned, as well as emergency caesarian sections.

The people there kind, understanding, compassionate and caring! Absolute professionalism! During such a difficult time it was less traumatic.…

Nicole Savoie

This is my Veterinary Animal Hospital of choice as they have expertise in the care of exotic pets. My sun…

John Dwyer

They were so nice and I think our cat(Garfield)had a pretty good experience for his first visit to the veterinary.

Celina Krieger

Had my first consultation with Dr. Mann for my chinese water dragon. She definitely knows how to deal with reptiles.…

Msdarkalina .

I went it this morning with my pet pig and they qere AMAZING great service, very fairely priced. Everyone…

Isabelle Lavoie


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