Are You Being Safe? Walking Your Dog at Night

Days are starting to shorten as we head toward autumn.

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Obesity in Exotic Pets: Part 1

Just like cats and dogs, all exotic pets can become overweight. Extra weight can contribute to a number of health problems and decreased life expectancy.

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Blue-Green Algae

You may have heard that Blue-Green Algae is back again this year.

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Do You Know What Kind of Allergies Your Pet Has?

As previously discussed in our “itchy dog” blog, there are two broad categories of allergies seen in pets.

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The people there kind, understanding, compassionate and caring! Absolute professionalism! During such a difficult time it was less traumatic.…

Nicole Savoie

This is my Veterinary Animal Hospital of choice as they have expertise in the care of exotic pets. My sun…

John Dwyer

They were so nice and I think our cat(Garfield)had a pretty good experience for his first visit to the veterinary.

Celina Krieger

Had my first consultation with Dr. Mann for my chinese water dragon. She definitely knows how to deal with reptiles.…

Msdarkalina .

I went it this morning with my pet pig and they qere AMAZING great service, very fairely priced. Everyone…

Isabelle Lavoie