Pet Rabbits: Key Information

Easter is on it’s way in the maritimes, and with it comes fluffy bunnies like Peter Cottontail. We are always excited to see new bunnies and bunny owners, and would love to help you get your household fluffy-tailed ready for a new twitchy-nosed friend! Here are some of our tips and tricks: Bunnies develop quickly, and […]

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Litter Box Training for Felines

While most cats are very clean and will easily use the litter box, they may eliminate in undesirable locations for a number of different reasons. There are two types of elimination problems seen in cats, marking and housesoiling. A visit to your veterinarian can help rule out a medical cause and lead to an early […]

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Senior Pet Moments

Our pets age much more quickly than humans. Most dogs are considered seniors at 10 to 11 years of age (perhaps 6 years for large breeds), and most cats are seniors at 11 to 14 years of age.

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Dental Health in Pocket Pets

Until March 15th of this year we are focused on Dental Health at Moncton Animal Clinic. There are a variety of products and food available for dogs and cats that will help to keep their teeth clean and prevent diseases from developing such as kidney or heart disease. There are other animals that also need […]

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Cat Dental Resorption or FORL Disease

The average age for indoor cats is now 15 years! How amazing is that? Just ten years ago, our kitties were only living to 9 (years, not just lives).  Since these little furry family members are living longer with us, we are seeing more and more age-related diseases. We are getting more cases of arthritis, […]

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I have been bringing my Dachshund ``Gapi`` here since we got him ten years ago. Always friendly service and knowledgeable…

Michael Zerb

Great vet. Caring staff. They were willing to work within my budget.

Sarah Ouellette

Dr. Mann was excellent with my dog (and me). My little guy had an allergic reaction to his vaccines and…

Ashley Arsenault

We met Dr Mann when one of our family pets became disconcertingly ill. Dr Mann took the time to listen…

Tiffany J